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Autosteuerung: Uber heuert die Jeep-Hacker an
Contributor Conference: Owncloud führt Programm für Bug-Bounties ein
Flexible Electronics: Pentagon forscht mit Apple und Boeing an Wearables
Private Cloud: Proxy für Owncloud soll Heimnutzung erleichtern
Die Woche im Video: Diskettenhaufen und heiße Teilchen
Geheimdienste: NSA kann weiter US-Telefondaten sammeln

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Apple Games  
OnLive [(Intel) Article]
With nothing more than a web browser plug-in, you can enter the world of OnLive, where a wide variety of games are available for you to play with just a click of your mouse. No large files to download and install, no system requirements to worry about. All of the computing takes place many miles away, but it feels instantaneous, thanks to a variety of tricks employed by CEO Steve Perlman and his team. Read on to learn more about the phenomenon known as âcloud gaming.â
Toy Story 3: The Video Game [(Intel) Article]
No toy gets left behind in the movie and in Toy Story 3: The Video Game. The team at Avalanche Software was tasked with translating the filmâs thrilling storyline to an interactive medium, and senior producer Vince Bracken notes: âDuring the development process, one of our pillars for success was âtruth in toys.ââ Find out what he means in our latest article.
Assassinâs Creed II [(Intel) Article]
âWe always come back to the assassinâs creed: nothing is true, everything is permitted,â development team member Jean-Francois Boivin tells us. Dig deep into a centuries-old conflict between assassins and Templars in Assassinâs Creed II. Desmond Miles again revisits an ancestorâs memories to learn an assassinâs ways and seek out the artifacts known as Pieces of Eden. This time, that ancestor is a man named Ezio in fifteenth century Renaissance Italy. Travel with us and learn what it means to be a blade in the crowd.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent [(universal) Article]
Turn off the lights. Put on your favorite pair of headphones. Launch Amnesia: The Dark Descent. And whatever happens, donât look over your shoulder. You donât know how you wound up in this decrepit castle, but that doesnât matter now, because something is hunting you. You canât kill it: run when you can, and hide if you have no other choice. Solve the castleâs puzzles and make your way to the inner sanctum, where youâll discover the truth about your past.
Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening [(Intel) Article]
The death of the archdemon should have also meant the defeat of the Darkspawn he commanded, and yet theyâve returned. Someone or something is behind their latest invasion, and itâs up to you to learn the truth in Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening. Import your character from the first game or create a new one and embark on an adventure that will once again change the face of the kingdom of Ferelden. What could The Architect and Mother want?

iTunes: Top 25 Albums  
01. Beauty Behind the Madness - The Weeknd
Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weeknd
02. BADLANDS (Deluxe) - Halsey
BADLANDS (Deluxe) by Halsey
03. Brand New - Ben Rector
Brand New by Ben Rector
04. Sounds Good Feels Good (Deluxe) - 5 Seconds of Summer
Sounds Good Feels Good (Deluxe) by 5 Seconds of Summer
05. Kill the Lights - Luke Bryan
Kill the Lights by Luke Bryan
06. 1989 - Taylor Swift
1989 by Taylor Swift
07. Compton - Dr. Dre
Compton by Dr. Dre
08. Confident (Deluxe Edition) - Demi Lovato
Confident (Deluxe Edition) by Demi Lovato
09. Descendants (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) - Various Artists
Descendants (Original TV Movie Soundtrack) by Various Artists
10. Start Here - Maddie & Tae
Start Here by Maddie & Tae

iTunes: Top 25 Songs  
01. What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber
What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber from the album What Do You Mean? - Single
02. Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd
Can't Feel My Face by The Weeknd from the album Beauty Behind the Madness
03. The Hills - The Weeknd
The Hills by The Weeknd from the album Beauty Behind the Madness
04. Locked Away (feat. Adam Levine) - R. City
Locked Away (feat. Adam Levine) by R. City from the album What Dreams Are Made Of
05. Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) - Silentó
Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) by Silentó from the album Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) - Single
06. Downtown (feat. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz) - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Downtown (feat. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from the album Downtown (feat. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster Caz) - Single
07. Prisoner (feat. Lana Del Rey) - The Weeknd
Prisoner (feat. Lana Del Rey) by The Weeknd from the album Beauty Behind the Madness
08. Stitches - Shawn Mendes
Stitches by Shawn Mendes from the album Handwritten (Deluxe)
09. Roots - Imagine Dragons
Roots by Imagine Dragons from the album Roots - Single
10. Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor) - Charlie Puth
Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor) by Charlie Puth from the album Nine Track Mind


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